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Welcome to Armonk Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Welcome to Armonk Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

Welcome to Armonk Child & Adolescent PsychiatryWelcome to Armonk Child & Adolescent Psychiatry

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During a  child's development from infancy to adulthood, many influences are  responsible for shaping their ways of seeing the world, their ideas of  their own identity and their place within society. Factors such as  environmental setting, family, community and the media all shape a  child. In a perfect world, a child would develop successfully into a  happily functioning adult, without any problems along the way, however  this is not usually the case and many children find that they may  struggle throughout the process.



Adolescence (12  - 18 years old) is a particularly hard time for children. They are  experiencing all kinds of new changes in their bodies and in their  feelings. As well, they often feel misunderstood as they are struggling  to leave behind their childhood and become adults. Adolescence has  commonly been characterized by issues such as rebellious behaviour,  lying, cheating, school performance problems, negative attitudes,  disobedience and disrespect, sibling rivalry, drug and alcohol abuse,  pressures from peers, depression, and issues of sexuality.


Young Adults

Moving from  high school to college and college to independent living are some of the  most difficult transitions in an individual’s life.

Many young  adults find themselves struggling with significant mental health issues  that become exacerbated by the pressures and demands of their school  and/or early work career.


Prenatal and Postpartum

Pregnancy  is a truly amazing and life altering experience. Processing the  physical, emotional, relational and spiritual changes is a crucial part  of the process. Women can have a wide range of emotions in this stage,  and they can see many transitions in their identity, abilities, and  relationships with themselves, their partners and their families. 

The  experience of bringing new life into this world can be described as the  most beautiful and also can be one of the scariest of a person’s life.  Postpartum therapy can be as gentle as sharing your birthing story and  can continue on to providing on-going support to new moms (and  dads). The postpartum time-period, also known as the “Fourth Trimester”  can bring about extreme emotional and physical highs and lows. This time  period requires a lot of support and can be strenuous for the couple,  transitioning from partners into parents.



Relationships  are living and breathing entities that need nurturance and attention.  Couples often go many years feeling unhappy or unsatisfied in their  relationship before seeking outside help. Couple’s therapy is a safe  place to work through the difficulties and challenges you may be  experiencing, in order to grow as a couple and feel satisfied in your relationship. 



Parenting  is truly the hardest of jobs. As our children grow the challenges  change and grow right along with them. One age may be manageable, while  the next phase may be very difficult. All children are different,  requiring parents to have the skills to shift their technique and styles  to accommodate each- no easy task! Children do not come with  manuals-seeking parenting therapy can look like emotional support for  parents, ideas and suggestions, or individualized behavioral  modification treatment plans. We work with each family and develop  treatments based on your needs. 



Family  therapy may involve the entire family or different subgroups at a time  (parents, mom and kids, involved grandparents, only kids). Family  therapy is a “systemic” approach involving all of the members, in order  to avoid signaling out one person, which may lead to guilt or shame in  that family member. Family therapy explores all the dynamics, rules, and  struggles the family may be experiencing.